Rather vague question this, but what sort of scales/chord progessions work for that kinda standard piratey/sailory music.

You know, like the sort of stuff on Monkey Island and Old Jacks Boat
It's probably a standard major scale/one of its modes, but the sound is achieved through the "jumpy" melody and type of instrumentation. Anyway, you could probably find midi files of Monkey Island's soundtrack and inspect the actual notes.
It's not really about scales or chords. I mean, a scale doesn't define a genre. Yes, certain scales do work better for certain genres but using the minor scale doesn't make your songs sound like "pirate music".

Try writing "heroic" melodies. Use 6/8 time signature. Accordion adds some pirate/sailor feeling to the song.

Listen to lots of "pirate" sounding music and analyze them.
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I don't know about the later games in the series, but the music from the first two Monkey Island games was reggae and calypso music. You can start by studying those styles. Reggae in particular has some interesting bits to it; the 'jumpiness' mentioned above is achieved by playing on the 'up' beats (as in, the 'and' when counting in eights).
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It's not really about scales

I dunno, I reckon the minorrrrr or majorrrrr scales could work well.

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