I sold all my gear becaouse of my bad economical situation. I had a Peavy 6505+ 60W combo, and an Ibanez RGA which was very good for metal. Know I playing again, but I want to buy good , allround equipment for the next several years. I will definetly buy a fender blacktop HH telecaster because I mainly do hard rock, old school heavy metal ( judas priest, black sabbath) not much from the modern era, also blues and clean songs.

Anyway I need a small practice amp, for home use.My choices are:
Fender Mustang II
Vox Valvetronix VT40+
Orange Micro terror+ VOX V110NT cabinet
Line 6 spider IV 30W

Which do you think is the best for a decent overdrive sound? Thank you for your answers in advance.
most amps are kind of cube-shaped rather than round...


I haven't tried it but the peavey vypyr gets a good rep for higher gain tones on a budget. or maybe one of the higher wattage roland cubes (the 30/40 watt models since the smaller ones don't have the amp models) if you can stretch to them.

sorry to hear you had to sell your gear
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Add Roland Cubes to your list and you can safely remove the Spider from contention. All foam, no beer.
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I'll second the vypyr vip series. I have a vip3 and despite still not understanding everything it's capable of its given me any tone I asked from it.
My vote is for the Orange but only if it's a tiny terror, not a micro. I'd also recommend a Spider Valve as opposed to the solid state spiders. A nice Mk1 1x12 will run you about $250.
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Mark me down as being a fan of the Vypyr line as well. Real solid amps, and a lot of bang for your buck. Used units can be had that are exceedingly affordable (in the $150US ballpark for the 75W.)
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