I'm looking for a guitar for about $750. I don't really want to spend too much more than that, $800 is my max. I found the black beuty and ultra three and im leaning towards the ultra three because of the nanomag. For those of you that want to know i would be playing stuff like led zepplin, pink floyd, jimi hendrix, and that kind of rock but not metal. I know i should just go play them at guitar center and see what i like most but i want to hear your opinions and see if you have any suggestions even guitars other than those two.
Unless you need the additional features of the Ultra III, the get the Tribute
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I have the Epiphone LP Tribute Plus (see profile page for pictures) and it's awesome! I love its sound, its playability and its looks. Of course, the Gibson 57 Classics that do come with it are awesome (:I also love the fact that this guitar comes with a hardshell case and straplocks (though I do care more about the case than the straplocks, lol). Push/pull series/parallel also gives you nice extra tonal options.

I'd say go for the LP Tribute Plus. I think it's the best value for the money when you want an Epi LP (:
The Ultra III has some cool features, but every one I've seen in person has had nasty string buzz (not all strings, so not just a low action) and just didn't seem to have the quality of other Epi Les Pauls. I think they cut corners to keep the price down after adding all the electronics costs.

But the Tribute+ is an awesome guitar.