I need a little help connecting 2 amps to my GT10. I want to have an amp on each side of the stage with different tones. I looked around but can't find detailed info about it. Any help with what settings I need to play with on my pedal?
could you put the left output to one amp and the right output to another? they'll both be controlled by the unit in the same way though, I'm pretty sure the GT can't split two different signals to two different units.
Yea Im not sure. I remember reading somewhere you could do it. Have channel A as one amp, and channel B in the other amp. Just not completely sure how to set it up.
you mean like what this article is talking about?
You can set channel A and B on the GT to work either separately or simultaneously, like what this cheesey clip shows, but two different physical units I'm not certain about.
hope this helps somewhat.
Are you using the GT-10 as the main tone? If so, go to preamps then go left. You'll see options for A and B amps.
L out to one amp and R out to the other. You can dial in the Matrix mixer thingy, look up Fig. 4:

I believe it has 3 options, one amp at a time, two amps together mixed or two amps changing automatically by your articulation (picking power). Two amps together and make sure this is the last in the chain, then send hard left and hard right each one of them.

Or you can use the same amp twice and widen the effect by eq-ing one side slightly different or using different cab simulation or even some effect.