Re-recording of an old track I wrote. I've made a lot of progress when it comes to producing, still not that great at it, but I'm learning a ton as I go

Guitars are written and recorded by me, the chain was ESP ltd 1000 series w/EMG 81/85 > AxeFx 2 > direct to Cubase 5 via usb.

The bass is a simple programmed GP6 track and may be a little too low. I really need to get a hold of a real bass. Drums were written and recorded on an electronic kit running into Reason by a friend of mine. The drum track was a mixed down WAV so I couldn't adjust individual levels, but that should change in the near future.

Comments, suggestions, criticism are all welcome and encouraged. C4C as always.
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Great dude! Really nice.

I think it could be more simple at the outro, so the melodic feel would stand more. I don't think there's space for a solo in this song, I think it's in more need of some vocals.

You mixing is great, but there's something in your snare that I'm not liking much, I don't know, I think it's lacking something, maybe give it a little boost at around 300hz. The drums sound a little machine-like for me, was it quantized or something? Did you play with the kit's sensitivity or the midi velocity (in case it was used as a midi controller)?