Lately I find myself playing my old starter acoustic (Yamaha F310, what else?) a lot more than my electrics, and I've been thinking I might like to buy a new acoustic.
I guess it's kind of an ambiguous request, but I'd like something with a relatively bright tone, that really pops for fingerpicking. I'd prefer something with a cutaway as well.
I'm indifferent to body style (though I wouldn't want too small a guitar as I'm fairly big), and I don't care if it has electronics or not.
Wouldn't mind buying Canadian if possible, but I'm not too hung up on it. Budget is about $700, new or used.
Not super knowledgeable about acoustics, so if I'm missing any important information then I apologize ahead of time
Taylor guitars are generally bright, and I particularly like their inexpensive 100 and 200 series. Eg the 114. They also have a bolt-on neck which is very easily/inexpensively resettable if the action ever needs major adjustment. If I ever bought another acoustic, I would be looking at these first.
Like Tony said, Taylor is definitely something to look at. Their relatively cheap 100 and 200 series are both absolutely fantastic. I'm partial to the 110e myself. Very bright, punchy and articulate, and I purchased one new from a guitarcenter in Fort Myers, Florida a few weeks ago for $490, negotiated down from $600 sticker, so it shouldnt be a stretch to get a 110ce (has a cutaway) with a case within your budget!
Solid Spruce top, laminate sapele back and sides, but they're absolutely gorgeous, and it stands up quality wise with my solid wood Martin (Though obviously an entirely different sound!) The ebony fretboard is really nice. It has a surprisingly good bass response for a taylor. Its not big and boomy like a Martin, but it still sounds great! Perfect sound for fingerpicking, and the tension seems more comfortable to me than a Martin Dread setup with the same strings and tuning. Not sure why that is exactly, but I find fingerpicking on it much easier as a result! Taylor quality is legendary for reason

If you really want to go Canadian, Godin is solid, as is their Seagull line. I'm partial to the Seagull Maritime Dread, usually goes for about $650. Not as bright as a Taylor, but very comfortable and nice sounding.
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i like the 114, also. the seagull S6, which is my favorite seagull, does have a very nice top end and a hint of sparkle to it, but with a little more bass perhaps than the taylor. nice guitar, definitely worth a try.
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I was actually looking at the Seagull Performer series to begin with. I'll try to find used Taylors in the same price range.
Thanks all!
I hate to inhibit commerce or interfere with anyone's GAS but, a big chunk of a guitar's "bright", is in your choice of strings for it.

Which is not to say some guitars aren't natively brighter than others, they are.

But the choice between phosphor bronze, (mellow), and 80/20 "brass" or "bronze" (bright), goes a long way toward determining the final sound.
I'll keep that in mind. I read on another recent thread that Dean Markley Blue Steel strings are very bright, so I may try them on my acoustic and see how they sound before buying anything new. Thanks for the heads up
I play Dean Markleys Blue steel string series, and I really like them.
I use them on my Farida D-32, and I'm not complaining at all.

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Taylor guitars are generally bright. . . . .

They are indeed.

But if you want to save yourself a lot of money check out Crafter guitars - they are very similar to Taylors in sound, playability and quality but a lot cheaper.