So I just got a Digitech JamMan Stereo pedal. I hook the output to some monitors and I use the line out of my carvin guitar amp to go into the jamman.

So far so good.

I want to use the internal "drums" to play along with but it seems like it will only play a tempo for like 4 bars?

What if I want my original loop length to be 8 or 12 bars?

once I start recording the loop and I go over those 4 bars, if I keep playing it then adds the next 4 bars as an overdub.

What am I doing wrong? or, for instance how would one tap out a tempo and then record a rhythm track for a 12 bar blues if it is going to start overdubbing after the first 4 bars?

I know im missing something and then owners manual is a waste of time. I have looked at lots of demo vids online but I am still not getting it

I saw this Review - Digitech JamMan Stereo: http://youtu.be/XS7Wf4Eo91E

Looks like you hit record and just disengage hit button again when you're done, so should do longer out of the box. What about memory size? Maybe the factory memory is puny and not allowing you to do more?
I'll look at the manual, maybe something will click.
yeah, ill have to keep fiddling with it. I can do what he was doing, for instance, WITHOUT using the built in drums, but once I add drums (or start with drums) I can only get like 4 bars before it will automatically use the second 4 bars as an overdub instead of use them in the main loop

that first part he is doing, thats what I couldnt figure out the other night. He played that rhythm part that was longer than 4 bars...when I was trying that it automatially started overdubbing

Pretty sure I have it hooked up wrong too because I havent heard a snare yet, all I hear is kick and hi-hat lol. I was pretty tired so ill try again today

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I skimmed the manual and it looks like there are no limitations on loop length so don't know what could be happening there.

So you can record as long as you need if you're not using the factory loops?

Sounds to me like the factory drum loops are the limiting factor there. It makes sense since they are already a "layer". Maybe copying these to a user patch and then doubling them?

How about using the software, maybe you can extend the drums that way or maybe just use outside software to double, triple the drum loop length.
yeah u might be right, I might accidentally be using a memory location that already has a 4 bar drum loop.

Thanks bro, ill work with it some more afta while