Waxwerx is a project of mine that combines jangly guitars with electronics. Think Primal Scream or Jagwar Ma.

It begun as a psych project, but I've recently moved towards more basic structures & melodies.

If this sounds like your sorta thing, give it a listen & a follow

Cool stuff, chill and interesting. I dig it. I like the chords in the first track you have on there. The keyboards and airy synths in the first track definitely sound like MIDI Garage-band ones? Maybe not. I definitely like pretty much all the other tracks on the page too. And "Neon"-Psychedelia? Hahaha, nice....I just started following you with my 3 soundcloud accounts. Going by the kinda music you're makin', I'd say there's a pretty good chance you'd enjoy this free album by me: http://www.mediafire.com/download/l55q7mz42vfid2p/Whave_Myriad_Vibes.zip