I have an electric guitar that I want to play. That's all I want to do. Just play along with songs. I read tablature, but sometime they don't have it. I listen to foreign music. Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan music. A little American. American is easy to find, but in my origin country a lot of it is not here. I am trying to play by ear. What do I need to learn to do that, and what order? I don't want to make my own music. I'm not creative person. I just want to strum along. I'm not interested in lead, I like the backer guitar. The rhythm guy. Is hard to learn by ear? And how do I tell what chord or scale they use? In music they use speaker that changes the tone or distortion and it make it harder to tell. How do I learn what note they use when they use distortion. I listen rock from my country.
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I go up and down the E and A strings and figure out the root notes to all the chords. Then you just need to figure out which chords they are; it helps if you familiarize yourself with commonly used chords in a particular genre. For instance blues music uses a lot of dominant 7th chords, some 9th chords and major and minor chords. Rock tends to use a lot of root-fifth chords, etc.

Once you figure out what key it's in (which chord or note sounds like "home"? it's usually the chord that the song starts with) you can go to a theory site and look at which chords belong to that key, that can kind of help steer you in the right direction.
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You might get better answers in the Musician Talk forum.

Some music theory will help you take the guesswork out of it.
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