Hey guys.
Lately I have been doing some writing and recording of my own, and I'd like some honest opinions about it. Hearing my girlfriend say, "yeah, I like it" or my buddies say "dude, cool" just doesn't cut it.
They are fairly old ideas that I just fleshed out more recently. I know my recordings aren't so great and I don't know anything about mixing. However, I had a lot of fun making these, and it's cool to be able to say, "yeah, I wrote that."
Please give me some helpful criticism. Honesty is good. If they suck, please tell me why and what I can do to fix it. Don't just say, "gtfo dude, you suck lolol." That doesn't help me grow.

These are demos. The recording isn't perfect, and some things may be a bit off-time. I tried my best, but I didn't want to spend weeks on perfection if they're poop ideas.

Any help would be great!

I'm taking down the individual links (when I posted this I only had two demos, and now I'm up to five). Figured it would be easier just to do this.

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Okay, I'm incredibly late to replying. But thank you! Really appreciate it.
I've re-recorded everything and tried to improve how everything sounds, but I'm awful at mixing so far, haha.

I am up to five songs (one of which is a cover). I posted in the Crit My Mix thread to get some help in the mixing department, because apparently I don't know enough about it yet.
At this point, if anybody could comment on the songs themselves (rather than how bad the tone/mix is), that would be huge. I'm unsure as to whether or not to trash the whole project.
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The first one is pretty melodic, however it sounds muddled a bit as if its been recording through a tin can. Ik of a few bands who use that specific tone but it sounds better if thats used to introduce then make the sound much fuller. (My headphones kinda suck so dont take anything to critically). The riffs are pretty good but I'm not hearing much of a bassline. I'm not sure what instrument I'm hearing around 1:40 but I like the subtlety. Riffs are pretty powerful and I love the squeals and harmonics. The outro riff is pretty sweet! Well done.

Second track:
The quality isnt that great, but idc because I really lilke the riffs! The blastbeat drumming is ok, but since its quality is so low is diminishes the greatness of the riffs. Could really imagine some A7X vocals over this or maybe something like the guy from Firewind. I like the riffs in this song better than the first song, especially around the outro where you have powerful chords. Just gotta get a better quality produiction and this would be killer.

*EDIT* I listened to the early demos and can tell the newer songs have a MUCH better quality to them.

C4C please?
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I'm on my own as far as writing and recording goes and I don't own a bass yet (fixing shortly) so so far I've been using software to record it, hence the lack of fullness. Same with the drums. But thanks for the compliments! Trying to improve constantly. Need to focus on my mixing skills.
Listening to your stuff now!

EDIT: Manic and Adrenaline were the first two I recorded. I think I started getting a better feel for recording when I did Depths, Uninvited, and WarMaker. They aren't great, but I think they're definitely a step up.

I think these are my favorites.
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