So I need some help, I've been in the market for a good amp and recently ventured to a local pawn shop where I found and tested a peavey TNT 115 300W, I came home to see if the offer of $300 was a good deal;however, I couldn't locate a peavey TNT 115 300W. Instead I found a 400W and a 600W. How would I know the actual wattage? Does a 300w version exist? Please help, I want to know if this is a good deal
The Peavey MAX 1x15" is 300 watts. The TKO is in the Tour series, and is a more powerful amp. They may have made a 300-watt TKO at some point, but right now, it is just the MAX.
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It could be an older version. There was a version of TNT115 that was 150 watts. But yeah, I've never seen a 300 watt version. And as FatalGear41 said, it could be something else.
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