Hey I am looking to buy a new guitar, preferably Ibanez but I'm open to suggestions. The two I am looking at are the S series ($600) S670QM , and the RG series ($500) RG470FM which one of these is better? Or is there a better guitar for this price range?

Mainly I am going for standard E tuning, with occasional drop D tuning, and even more rarely drop C tuning. Color is not a huge issue for me but I would like for it to be red or blue. And I am buying new, not used. Thanks for your help.
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Pretty much the same guitar, just different shaped and wood bodies.
Personally they could both do with a pickup swap like most ibanez guitars. Just depends which you like the feel of more.
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check out Ibanez QMZ 920 premium. i actually sold an awesome one at guitar center. its in the used section.


i promise you you'll love it if you like ibanez. originally like $1000

I second this option. I have one and I'm not putting it down for anything less than a Prestige 3xxx.
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