Hoping someone could help me get an idea of pricing for this combo amp. All I know is that it's vintage (late 70s early 80s most likely), solid state, and supposedly popular for its cleans. I've seen a few of the 112, 115, and 212 versions sell for anywhere from 150-250 online, but can't find anything about this 410 version.

I'm wondering if anyone would help appraise it, as my dad got his hands on one and is looking to sell it. If anyone has any idea of what he could reasonably get for it I would really appreciate the help!

Here are some photos he took and sent me to post on here:


Thanks dudes
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That looks like a Mk1. I have owned both the mkI and mkII and both sounded identical apart from the parametric EQ on the MkII. They were both 2x12's though. I've never seen a 4x10, didn't even know they existed.
They do have quite good cleans. One of the first SS amps that was actually worth owning, I gigged with my MkII for years and years. I still have it although I haven't turned it on for a long time. They are a really loud amp with just oodles and oodles of headroom. If that's what you want then I'd say go for it, you can always replace the speakers later if you don't like them. Run it into a different cab as a test to see what influence the speakers have on the sound. The stock 12's in mine were fairly decent speakers really; not great but decent.
They're not worth much though. Bit of a sleeper amp. Everybody wants a JC120. Back in the 80's the G100 was really popular with cabaret performers. Reliable, loud and not too sterile cleans. In some ways I preferred them to the JC's. The drive channel on them shit all over the JC120. It's no 2203 or anything but is useable if you aren't after a lot of distortion. Sorta like a tubescreamer without the bass cut. The MkI wasn't switchable between the channels though so it was pretty useless really. But, if the cleans are all you are after, they're ok.
Pricing in Canada? No idea whatsoever.
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I still have one. I bought it second hand in 1990 in a pretty good condition.
I've never seen another one in all those years so it's probably a very rare amplifier.

I used it on stage for over 15 years and it still sounds great. Now i use it for my accoustic guitar.

This amp has a great deep, warm clean sound and a great reverb because of the reverb spring. The overdrive on this amp is terrible but i didn't use it anyway.
I used an effect processor for the heavy sounds and that worked out pretty good.

If you've got one than you have a nice amplifier good for use at home and on stage.
If i'm about to sell this one i would probably ask about 80 or 100 euro's.

Overal a good sounding Amp.
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