again, a new guy whitout any contribution rate my tab 1 star for nothing (apparently he doesn't understand much ...)

Please can i moderator can fix this thing and delete this unfair poor rating ?

here is the tab :

the man:

i start to be very angry, it's not the first time, and not the last.
Can we do something about that ?
I write more than 500 tabs here, and at least 270 gp tab.

Gwen, tab moderator

I just gave that a 4, mate, if that's okay. I'm asking in here as I'm new, but I like this place so much, I've already gone and bought one of everything.
To name a thing, is to pay it respect.
The moderation system for tabs is definitely very broken. I've submitted a few tabs now, and pretty much every one was initially rejected for "lack of formatting" with no further explanation of what was wrong, I appealed and they got accepted pretty much as-is. But the last one was rejected first as "lack of formatting" then "better and more complete tabs exist". But of course I pointed out in my comments to begin with that I was improving another tab that's already up there. (This, if you can see it http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/submit/approval?id=1502572).

It's too annoying. I had this great hope that I could both add/improve tabs and at the same time take advantage of accessing them through the UG app on my phone and tablet. But with such a user-hostile moderation process, I think I'm just going to give up and use Google Drive or something.