Hello guys! It's going to be a month after I bought my LTC ec200qm. And of course, the strings are stock. I bought a cheap string set that cost around 4$ only. I cant remember the brand coz it's not popular and pretty cheap. Then I went to a luthier and let him set up my guitar. After a few days, i noticed fret buzz from EADG strings. I brought it back to the luthier and let him do a remedy. After, it's alright already. But when I come back home, fret buzz are still there. I hang him up and told me that try to change my strings. So I say OK. But I dont think string brand affects it too much. Btw, d addario is the stock strings.

1. I thought at first that it's because of the low action set up.
2. But when i brought it back to him, he put the action a little higher so it will not touch the fret wires
3. But why is it still buzzing? :/
I highly doubt it's the strings themselves.

Where exactly is the fret buzz occurring? Which frets?
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Open E string. 1st until the last fret.
A, D and Gstrings from 3rd fret up

Ill be posting pics later.
raise bridge height on bass side would be the likely be the remedy.

new strings are 'bright' sounding and more 'twangy' sounding in some form of another. maybe a few days later after the strings have some hours on them.

and go to the EG forum and read the sticky. use the method of the knot looking way. best way your strings can be strung.