Hey there, think this maybe my first post here, i've been playing acoustic for about 2 years, played bass since 1999 as a hobby, nothing serious just the odd jam with my brother plucking with my fingers.

I didn't really have many problems plucking the bass, my rhythm was fine but now on 6 string and seeing as i'm left handed meaning my fret hand is the more skilled which leaves my shitty right hand to do all the awkward strumming, after a few years of practice my strumming isn't getting any better, i just can't get any good strumming techniques with my right hand no matter how hard i try, i did completely snap my right wrist in '98 in a motorbike accident which i think has stiffened my wrist preventing me from being able to get any technique in it, i can't even hold or use a pick lol.

Does anyone have any advice? should i try playing a lefty guitar? am i basically screwed with a weak/rhythm-less right hand?
I feel i've hit a wall with my learning and don't seem to be getting any better, help!!

here's my soundcloud page if anyone's interest how i manage to play being all backwards handed The Stoned Roller's Soundcloud Page
I've had a similar issue where I'm left handed but learned on a right handed guitar, issue was that my shoulder often hurt when I play so i ended up switching to lefty. I would recommend trying out a lefty guitar and see if that feels better to you.