Hi all,

Ive only got round to using the footpedal on the laney irt-studio and when I'm playing on the lead channel and switch to clean, there's a totally audible popping noise out the speakers (like when you turn the amp off - irt-studio only has one on/off, no standby switch). And we're not talking a guitarists paranoia here, everyone else in the room heard it loud and clear too when I switched. This doesn't happen between clean > lead.

Has anyone else experienced this with foot pedals? Is it normal? Would certainly be unusable to record via mic'd amp if going between clean a and lead a lot, think metallicas 'one' with added pops inbetween clean/distorted, would sound pretty lame.

This only happens with the footswitch though, not when switching on the amp.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Mine does the same.
My bugerea does it as well. ITs normal but also not normal.
A tech can fix it for you. But its harmless, just annoying.