Hey guys. Is this amp any good? Ive seen some reviews saying Its a Nice cheap tube amp, but what do you guys think?

How much gain does this little amp have? What styles does this amp cover?
It sounds good if ya ask me, and now the reliability issues are supposed to have been removed for the most part.

It goes from fairly nice cleans to 80s hair metal.
I don't think it would do metal well, even with a boost.
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It's got pretty good cleans with a small amount of Vox jangle. It gets to "medium" gain levels. Kinda like a JCM800 maybe, but looser and spongier sounding. It's got nice vintage-y low gain tones. It will certainly not do modern metal.
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The V22 is probably the best made amp Bugera has.

It is more of a classic rock tone, it can get some gain, but it is not modern at all (think early/mid 1980's). It is kinda lacking in the bass department, but it does take pedals very well
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