Have any of you done any session work? Ive got an opportunity to do some for an artist, but I don't know how much to charge because this would be my first paying session. Its for an up and coming artist who is doing a kickstarter because she needs money for session players. I thought to myself, well since i don't have a rep yet, and i want to get started doing session work, I'd charge a little less than what a seasoned vet would charge. My thinking is that, if I'm asked to record 4-5 songs, (its an EP). I'd charge maybe 200-300?

Thanks in advance
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I start at $100/track.

Same here.
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I do it by the hour. It depends upon the project, how well organized it is, how clear the details are in terms of instructions. My time is valuable to me first of all, and then after I feel fairly paid for that...there's my playing, travel, skill sets, and perception of derived benefits that all go into, what I'll charge.


It should be mentioned that guitar is NOT my primary income (I have a 9-5 job), so I can afford to do the $100/track thing.

However someone like Sean, where guitar is his 9-5 thing will opt to charge more because (a) he needs the money to live and (b) he's most likely a better musician than a hobbyist like me.
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by the hour...should you start to get more session work your time should be your paycheck..if if you plan to make a living as a session player..your time is $

you get a job for someone that can block six hours for a session-and you quote 200--$200/6 33+/hour..your next call may be for only 2 hours and they heard you charge 30/hr so they offer you only $60..

find out the rate session musicians get an hour and charge accordingly...its a business too..
I appreciate the words of advice fellas. I only set my price low because, it would be my first session and to make it easier on the artist.