Nice song dude. Is that you singing? Man, even thought I don't like low growls, there's no way not to say these are awesome growls. Song is a little bit repetitive, but since it's only 3:10 minutes long, it's not a problem at all.
Its a well produced song, with bone crunching riffs.

Tone of guitars are spot on, Vocals are pretty awesome, not gunna lie.

Got your pitch harmonic's down as well, excellent to hear lol.

Gunna echo mp8andrade in saying that it's slightly repetitive, but other from that the mix is spot on, good job!

Also if you have time, could you critique my song if you get a chance? Cheers bro.

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Thanks guys, for taking the time to listen and commenting.
Much appreciated!

Growls are my own - great to hear that they seem to work as I am a newbie to vocals.

This time I opted for a repetitive feel, suitable to the martial tone of the lyrics. Perhaps it got a bit boring, dunno, still feel quite happy with it.

Stay brutal!
@sirsteelstrings, Thanks man. Others have referenced Nevermore. Could be worse.
Will check your music out!
love the intro riff , with the dissonance, love that feel so much :P I personally liked the track, if i had to think of something that could maybe make it better (although i think its fine) is maybe variation in the screaming, or even panning it, but i only say that to give it more of a an insane dissonant feel :P
The song is fine how it is anyway good job keep it up, looking forward to hearing more.

i would say C4C buy my song is far from death metal so :P
There's a link just incase :P

@Elo88 Thanks - glad you liked it! Yeah, I settled for gutterals kind of quickly. Agree that fry screams would probably have been a good alternative for one of the verses - will try that!
Thanks again!