Hi, I recently picked up a bargin, a marshall mg412a cab but discovered one of the speakers does not work.
I have searched high and low for info on wiring 3 speakers but unable to find an answer...
Is there a way to wire the 3 remaining (8 Ohm 30 watt) good speakers to provide a safe running cab. I use 100 watt solid state head with minimum independence of 4 Ohms.
You might get a quicker answer down onGuitar Gear and Accessories where most of our resident gear-heads congregate.

I'm no expert, but I would imagine a lot would depend on what is meant by your speaker "does not work." Is it a torn/blown cone, a dead speaker that still provides a load across the circuit, or has it dropped the impedance load? If it's simply a dead speaker but you still get even load across the speakers, just leave it for now. If it's blown/torn and distorting your tone or if it's throwing off your impedance, then best bet would be to just replace the speaker.

I'm sure there's a way of bypassing a speaker in a 4-cone array, but you may have to wire in a resistor to compensate for the load. That's above my pay-grade to figure out, so go check the above-cited forum and see if they can help you out.

Oh, and welcome!
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Thanks for the reply, I had a multimeter on the speaker and it's showing nothing indicating it's the coil burnt out. I'll ask where you suggested later because have to shoot off to work. Thanks again