Hi guys

I'm looking at upgrading from a Line 6 Spider IV 15 something a bit bigger and nicer. If i give you as many details as possible about what i'm looking for then it might help you

    I mainly play Tremonti, Alter Bridge, Shinedown that kinda of thing so something with quite a kick
    I want an amp with foot control so i can switch channels easily
    I play PRS Santana SE as my main axe
    Really want something 'less digital' if thats such a thing as the Line 6 sounded nasty when boosted
    Looking to spend around the £200-300 mark

    I look forward to seeing any suggestions

    There's also a 50 watt combo, however it's out of stock both there and on thomann (thomann's out of stock of that 20 watt one, too- if you're in no hurry you could of course wait until it comes back into stock there).

    a boost wouldn't hurt but from the sounds of your post you already have a boost. if you're planning on using a boost i'd get a tube amp. Those ones he listed above are hybrid- that's not to say they definitely won't take a boost, because they might, but the jet city for sure will (I have the 50 watt head).
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