So Ive been working on improving speed with ska (ie streetlight manifesto or sublime) strumming (Muting on beat and strumming chord on upbeat). For some time I had been muting the down stroke and playing the upstroke. Subsequently I found that Reggae does the opposite using muted up stroke and playing the downstroke. Which is correct? Ive seen videos of Bob Marley as well as Brad from Sublime using mute up strum down whereas many of the ska videos Ive seen use the technique which Ive been using for some time.
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Both are used, you should be able to do both.

They work in different situations and on different parts of the beat. The most common thing is muting the downstroke and then playing the upstroke, but depending on how complex musicians you look at within the reggae/ska genre you will also find muted upstroke and sound downstroke, and different combinations of the two.
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