Hello everybody, recently I started to struggle on which guitar to buy . I'm currently interested in Dean ml or washburm dimebag ml, with floyd rose, the problem is that I can't try them out, because we don't have any Deans in the stores, or Washburns MLs (as far as I understood they are not produced for a long time anymore). I would like one of them mostly because of body type. I really like such bands as Sepultura and Pantera, Damageplan and many more. So if you could tell something about the guitars I mentioned before, is it worth buying them without actually trying them out, or any other suggestions for my next guitar. Currently I have an unknown BC Rich mockingbird copy and really want to move on to a different guitar.
Go to a store, try out all the guitars in your price range. Pick the one you like best, compare the Dean and Washburn's specs to that one. Also try guitars with the closest specs to the Washburn and Dean as possible, if you like something completely different, get that. But buying a guitar for the aesthetics is the wrong way to do it.
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I have. In fact, my first two electrics- both Deans- were special ordered because nobody in town had them. And most of my subsequent axe purchases have been via the phone or Internet.

Just make sure you understand the sellers' return policies.
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