Just ordered an Ibanez AS93 from them,The newer one with the upgraded pups.Everywhere i've looked has the older model of this guitar for between £409 and £429.I just got the newer version with the Super 58' pups from Thomann for £327!How are they so cheap?Anyone purchased anything from them before?How was it?
Thousands do it every day.....

I'm a customer there for 25 or more years....
saw thomann growing from a mom&pop shop to the biggest music-retailer here in Europe

Great prices, great service....
Used them loads of times - they're probably the most recommended store in Europe in the UG forums.
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Going to use it for something that I'm purchasing in the next few months, will let you know how it goes!
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Every. Single. EU user in UG I would say. Thomann is propably the largest supplier of music and studio equipment in Europe (and has couple of their own cheapie brands, Harley Benton for instrument stuff their own name for the rest) and prices tend to be cheaper than locals. Not always, but most of the time.

A lot of smaller music shops actually pretty pissed about Thomann here in Finland where everything is ridiculously overpriced: mentioning the T-word makes some of them go in ranting spree.

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Ah nice!Cheers guys.I usually use a place in the UK and every time i've got a guitar they've come nicely setup etc.Glad Thomann is highly recomended as i've never used them before.Did'nt wanna have to ship back to Germany with any issues or breakages.
I order online from Thomann all the time, never had a problem. And I have nothing but good things to say about their customer support so far.
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Yeah thomann has been pretty good any time I've used them, too.
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Thomann are fantastic. If you have any problems their customer service is great.

And if you want ridiculously cheap strings then they do Harley Benton Valuestrings for just 78p for a set!!!! They're not the best strings in the world but they sound okay. They tend to lose their tone quicker than more expensive brands so you'll need to change them more regularly, but at that price it really isn't a problem. And you can get them even cheaper(!!!) if you buy them 24 sets at a time.
I've used them a lot. If anything has ever been wrong they're been very good as sorting it out. takes about 6 days to get here (I'm in the UK).