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It's in a case in several pieces. It pretty much did it all by itself it was so bad.
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My Alvarez acoustic? Played it to destruction.

My first electrics? Both stock & still owned by me.
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Tuned it up as a learning experience and gave it to my little brother for his birthday.
I donated my early 90s Epiphone Strat copy away to Goodwill. Good riddance! My only regret is that some poor bastard probably got it as his first guitar, and like I, learned the hard way that Korean guitars sucked ass back then.
Sold my Peavey Nitro at a pawn shop when I was 17 in 1994 so I could buy Candlebox tickets.
Well, Here is a summary of my first guitar

My first and only guitar is my Ibanez rx60
Over the years I constantly ruined electronics on this guitar. Just trying to wire anything I found lying around into it.
When I was 14 I got a Jackson Dinky which I torn out the bridge pickup and soldered it in the bridge on this Ibanez.

I also stole the horrendous knobs for the volume and tone out of it. I had heard about locking tuners and just took it to Guitar Center and had them throw whatever ones were the cheapest in it. I think they are Gotoh ripoff....I don't even know.
My guitar remained like this all through my time playing with Too Pregnant To Party.
After me and my friend James quit I kind of just beat the shit out of the guitar. I would get frustrated with my playing and either burn it or hit it with a hammer. Me and my friend James went on to start a band called Earth Bound and I realized I needed to really rework the guitar. I was around 16 at this time.
I had just finished taking electronic technology in school (I failed by the way) and I used my new knowledge to completely rewire the guitar.

A recommendation from a friend led me to keep my current bridge pickup and put a Seymour Duncan Hot rails in the neck. I used this set up to record the entire Earth Bound demo. After becoming bored of just having lights behind me on stage I went out and got some purple LEDs and wired them up just above the bridge pickup and put the switch between the volume and tone.
The guitar was not even grounded and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. So I purchased a giant pink arcade button.

This idea came from the Buckethead signature guitar. After some unfortunate events lead to the closure of my studio and band I didn't play it for an entire year.
Working with my father cleaning out estate sales, I came around a old pickup.
It was in a tin can and said it was intended for a mandolin. The idea of just tossing this thing in my guitar sparked me to put it in the middle section immediately. In the process of trying to get it to fit I had to hit the pickup and LEDs with a hammer.

I broke the hotrails out of its housing after that frustration episode. I put a bunch of random screws in to hold the broken pickguard together. I also painted all the screws red, blue, and yellow.
The guitar, fully playable, looks like an absolute turd.
I got bored of just playing guitar so I invested in a Gr-20 with a Gk-3 pickup. The thing didn't fit on my guitar so I took out my knife and just hacked away at the pickguard above the bridge. The thing kind of work but I grew tired of it.

After I sold that thing I tried to cover the inside with copper tape. I ran out of money so the guitar has a gold trim going around the pickguard.
And for my birthday my girlfriend and I had my son beat the crap out of the thing with paint markers. This is how the guitar currently is.
After almost 12 years of abuse this guitar has still remained the best I have ever played. I'll most likely keep modding and screwing up with guitar for the rest of my life. Then I can pass it down to my son.

TLDR: I've beaten and modded my guitar to hell and back and still play it.
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My first guitar was a Harmony copy-strat, I loaned it to a friend who never gave it back. I don't miss it
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I don't remember what happened to it but it was such a piece of shit that I certainly don't miss it. no name 60 Japanese guitar with baseball bat neck and action so high that slide players cringed.

I do wish I had my first "real" guitar it was a mid 70s Ibanez strat copy.
Its still in my closet somewhere I have tryed to sell it but its not really worth anything.
It was a 3/4 size acoustic. I borrowed it to a friend who never gave it back, which was fine with me.
Was in the midst of refinishing it when I dropped it and cracked the neck. Would have been an uneconomical repair even if it wasn't a set neck.
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i had the squire strat starter pack w/bad monkey od pedal. all lost in a basement flood.
My first was a plywood cowboy guitar on which the previous owner had painted the top with puke green stripes. I stripped and refinished the top and put on a pickguard made from walnut veneer acquired by my mother from the Rolls Royce factory where she worked.

I sold it not long after, and bought another slightly better acoustic. I was reunited with it a couple of years ago, after 50 years. It sounded a lot better than I remembered it, buy someone had enlarged the soundhole to 4"from classical size. I don't now whether it was the age or the bigger soundhole that had caused the improvement.
My first guitar was a cheap 3/4 size acoustic I got when I was 8 or 9, I am now 24, still have it! I only have one electric guitar, so that is my only other guitar, I still actually use it, although it is quite awful .
I still have it and gig it all the time. My mom bought it for my brother in '91, it became mine in '94.
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My first guitar was a brand new USA made Kapa Continental solid body electric that my parents bought me in 1966 when I was 15 years old. I gigged with it all through high school and for several years after. It has one of the most amazingly smooth and fast necks of any guitar you will ever play. I still have it to this day, play it often and it is a cherished possession.
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My first was a terrible epiphone les paul special 2. I tried giving it away to a friend, ended up throwing it away I think. That guitar was so bad.
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This line cook friend of mine was dating this bitch that developed a bad drug problem. He was poor, and one day he got home from work and she was gone along with all of his stuff (guitar, game console, games, stereo, discs, TV, etc.). She totally wiped him out. He was fricken depressed, so I gave him my Alvarez acoustic to help him get through his funk. It worked.

I didn't have another, and I didn't want that one back. It went where it needed to go. I replaced it with an ovation not long afterwards.
I never used it. My mother bought it for me because she noticed how dexterous I was and just came home with it one day. I think it was just a standard Squier Stratocaster, and I didn't take an interest to it at first so we ended up giving the thing away.
i started with a strat pack and i moved to FL 10 years ago so i leave it with my grandma in MN so when i go on vacation there i have something to play. my origional frontman 15g is still there too.

i got a custom carbon fiber pickguard. refinished the neck and headstock in black. other visual things i thought were cool when i was younger. only thing i don't care for is its got a really skinny nut.
It's an old Mexican Squier. Instead of leaving it gather dust, I had it redone:

- tuning pegs changed for Fender ones
- bridge pickup changed for a SD humbucker
- tuned down one full step
- floating bridge blocked

It didn't turn it into a great guitar, but it was enough to taste humbucker sound for the first time, and play all those songs tuned one step lower without going out of tune in thirty seconds. And this way my beautiful US Strat was left untouched.
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Tried to strip the finish, gave up, threw it away. Don't miss it. Nothing special or good about it. First Act ME-301.
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My first ever guitar was a junior dreadnought acoustic (might have been a Mitchell, but wouldn't swear to it.) Had it for many years, but somewhere in one of my many moves after I got out of college, it came up missing. Sad, I'd kind of like to have it now more for nostalgia, but them's the breaks.

First electric was a hand-me-down old Sears black-body strat, it was horribad but it was free. I noodled on it for a while, then "donated" it to Goodwill when I could no longer justify making room for it.
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Was an Ibanez RG. Used to leave it smack dab in the center of the garage so nothing would happen to it. One day I needed another plug. What do you know there's one on the ceiling. There's a ladder too. Fell off the damn ladder and onto the guitar on its stand. Took the biggest chunk out of the finish. Traded that sucker in the next day.
I'm trying to decide if I should keep mine stock or install new pups and pots. It's a mid 90's epiphone lp-100 les paul, made in korea. For some reason I just can't bring myself to change it.
My Grandmother bought me a sun burst Kona Strat knock-off at a pawn shop. I love her. Shes the only member of my family that has gone to a venue to see me play live music. I still have it. Its a wall decoration and exactly the same as it was back then. I doubt Ill ever part ways with it.
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That is genuinely a cool story!
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

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My first guitar was a Epiphone Acoustic AJ220S. I havent been playing too long. It isn't too comfortable for me to play due to its jumbo body. Didn't know any better when I was shopping.

My mom died a couple weeks after I got it. It really helped me through that rough period.

Never getting rid of it :-)
Squier Strat. 1993.

I played the shit out of it until my mum threw it into the garden because she's mental.
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my first guitar is a cheap nylon string acoustic that cost £38 in 1994 when my mum bought it for my brother. He got bored with it quickly, and I started playing it instead. It still leans against the wall in the corner of the living room where it's always been.

My first electric guitar was an Epiphone G-400 which I still have. I somewhat recently installed a graphtech tusq nut to replace the hollow plastic one, a roller bridge, tonerider rebel 90 pickups and a hipshot B-bender. I did it because I have better SGs now, and wanted this one to do something that none of my other guitars can, so that it still serves a purpose.
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I still have my first one, a Cameo acoustic my mom bought me in 1979 or 1980. I haven't played it in a while but I bought a new case for it last year. Two years ago I had a broken tuner replaced with one that almost looks like the other five but not quite. My tech had it lying around so I took it.
My first guitar was an Ibanez GIO which I got in 2003. I ending up selling it at the pawn shop yet re purchased another GIO because I felt guilty about it. I was going to give up on guitar and just stick with drumming but I missed playing. The later GIO model is nicer anyways but I only use it nowadays to play drop tuning. The Jackson Rhoads is what I play most of the time.
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