So I've had a Marshall Mg series for a while and yesterday I went to turn it on for the first time in years and it made an incredibly loud and obnoxious sound even when I turned all the settings to zero, I don't know what's wrong so if anyone has any input that'd be great, i was also using it as a computer stand for a while if that could have affected it in anyway.
You could always use it as a door stop. Or a paper weight!!
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Thanks for the welcome

And my guitar wasn't even plugged in, I was just turning it on to see if it still worked
and the noise it made was so loud and overbearing I almost went deaf, I know that
the mg series is shitty but i'm poor and it's all I got right now ;-;
Wow! How lucky is that!! Now you can get a real amp!!

More seriously, try running a plug in and out of each jack (input, effects loop if yours has one etc.) a few times.

Using it as a computer stand shouldn't do any damage.

You might pull it apart and liberally apply electronics cleaner everywhere as well if it's been sitting for that long.
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