Im just starting out on the guitar, I have an electric samick stratocaster-style body with a fender v2 mustang amp. Anyways I've been playing this for about a year and i decided its time that i get myself an acoustic because that would be something new. I've learned quite a few songs acoustically on my electric but i want an acoustic-electric. My price range is <$400, i like the cutaway dreadnaught body the best, and if possible, large inlays instead of dot inlays. I also like natural colors only and especially like flame maple and quilt maple. I dont like colored guitars, even blac.Thats the cosmetic part. I want it to have a pure acoustic sound, like that of someone who would just sit down at a campfire and start playing. I dont have any idea on what type of wood would be best, or solid or laminated or mahogany or Sitka spruce. Brands I've been looking at are fender, ibanez, epiphone, Washburn, yamaha, Mitchell, and dean. Could someone please list some models to look into or what to look for if i want that campfirey, springy, acoustic sound. I also would like it to be an acoustic-electric so i could plug it in but if one doesnt meet the price range i would consider it if it was non electric.
Models I'm looking at right now:
Fender CD-140SCE
Fender CD-140SCE All Mahogany
Washburn WG16SCE (Grand Auditorium Body Style)
Washburn WD10SCE
Washburn WD20SCE Flamed Top
Yamaha FGX700SC

All acoustic-electric, all dreadnaught cutaway, all solid top, and all under $350. Can anyone tell me which of these is going to suit my style the best? I will try them all out I just don't want to get one thats not for me because I know nothing about acoustic guitars.

Also, what is the difference between the Washburn 10 and 20 other than the flame top finish? And is the grand auditorium going to be much different than a dreadnaught(Washburn 16).
that particular one is Taylor's GS mini with solid Engelmann spruce top and laminated flame maple back and sides. it's a limited edition one available only thru taylor. it originally had a pickguard but that was removed before I even strummed it once. it's a bit above what your looking to spend but most of the ones on your list are pure poop !!!! nice to look at but sound really crappy. only the Yamaha you listed is one that I would consider spending money on. ( and I did take the mini camping last week, it got a lot more attention than the 324 and the carbon fiber one I also brought)
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
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Washburns are no good as well? And no, not flame maple. Just a flamed top? Whatever that means, its still Sitka spruce.
I also found the Mitchell MD200SCE. If all of those are no good could you point me in the right direction then?
I like em! And thats what im lookin for but are there any you know of with a cutaway design?
Thanks for the help! I'll try out all on my list and yours also. Thanks again!