Hello everybody!! this is my first post..!!

Well well, last week arrived my new guitar and I'm so happy with it. It's a Gibson Les Paul Signature T 2013 White GoldHW!! It souds amaaazing! I'm in love! haha..

The point is, now I'm planning to buy an amp to use with. I have the Amplitube on my iPad with iRig HD.. Tried with Behringer Mixer and Active PAs.. It ROCKS! I've tried a lot of amps simulations on the Amplitube.. but the one I liked the most was the Tiny Terror..
I did some research and seems that the amp is just for high gain, rock, classic rock (ACDC, GnRs) but the clean tones just in low volume, low gain..

I really like the dist of the amp, but my doubt is if I'll get some nice cleans with the TinyTerror in a PCC 212 if I want to play live with them too.. in a band (Drums, Bass, another guitar and my guitar)
Or maybe I have to get the Dual Terror instead..?
The Dual Terror will be able to reach more clean tones loud, right??

What can you recommend me?
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Or maybe I have to get the Dual Terror instead..?
The Dual Terror will be able to reach more clean tones loud, right??

it should be in theory, yeah, but i've only tried the tiny terror. Both because it has more wattage, and also because it has two channels so you can dial one in to be clean. But it'd be better to try it if you can at all, just in case it still doesn't get clean enough for you at volume (because the preamp design will affect how clean it can get, too). Plus you might like the amp model of the tiny terror on amplitube but not like the real thing (or the dual terror version)

nice score on the guitar
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I'm pretty sure Trashed (or maybe someone else) has one. They should chime in soon hopefully.
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I had a Tiny Terror for several years and if you dime the volume, set the gain to around 12 o'clock, and then roll off guitar volume to clean it up you can get just enough clean tones to run with a drummer. Don't confuse Orange clean with Fender/Vox clean though. It's more like Hendrix, Wind Cries Mary Plexi clean so it always has some texture to it. The amp does have mojo for a little lunch box.
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