first off, this post is about conflict in our band. thank you.

Our Christian hard-rock band is having a lot of conflict arise due to the in-ability to agree on a name! Our bassist, who writes most of the lyrics and essentially started the band has had us going by the name "Son Reigning". However, the other band mates truly don't feel that the name is a good fit for the band!

The music we play is very close in sound to Skillet's heavier material, very much like that of Fireflight, Thousand Foot Krutch or Flyleaf! So, we play like Christian metal stuff.

We discussed the matter for hours now, and decided the best option would be to ask others who are knowledgeable about names, music and the music industry to tell us what they thought of our name, so as the end the conflict.

The other names we are looking at are:
- "Carbonide"
- "Shadow of Thy Wings"
- "Unchained"
- some other undecided name
or keep it
- "Son Reigning"

We would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion! We truly appreciate any feedback!

I kind of like Carbonide....
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Out of the names you listed, Carbonide is probably the one I would choose. I'm saying right now that if you don't use it, I'm stealing it for myself.

'Son Reigning' and 'Shadow of Thy Wings' sound really lame as band names in my opinion.

If you can't agree on something though, I dunno, write the possible names down, stuff them into a hat (or anything you can put stuff in) and pick one at random. You can't really argue with a random pick, especially if you all agree beforehand that the one picked is the one you use.
I've never personally done that since everybody has either been cool with the name I pick or I join a band I already think the name is alright of...but it's probably what I would do if we couldn't decide on one.

Or just stop all arguments and call yourself 'Faith +1'.
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"Carbonide" is pretty cool, out of those names that's the best. "Son reining" sounds a bit awkward to me, and doesn't really have any ring to it.
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