First electric guitar song I learned was Phantom of the Opera: loads of fun to be had in that one
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Run to the Hills and Aces High are fun on the bass. For the guitar, the intro to Breaking the Law is pretty good. Judas Rising also has a pretty good riff to it.

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Breaking the Law by Judas Priest

The intro to Electric Eye by Judas Priest
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For Priest -
The Hellion/Electric Eye, Painkiller, Hellbent for Leather, Night Crawler, Ram It Down, Blood Red Skies...I'm pretty much going to name near all their songs. Priest riffs mostly are awesome.

Maiden -
Number of the Beast, Rhyme of the ancient mariner, Aces High, The Prisoner, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Fear of the Dark, Caught somewhere in time.
Not as big a fan of Maiden but I've always liked those songs.
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Breaking the Law is ultra-easy but quite a lot of fun, I'd have to say Victim of Changes is my favourite though. Get all the rhythm parts down, tune down a few cents (I think the record's got A at about 432-434hz) and it's a lot of fun to play along with the record and improvise the solos. Tyrant and Starbreaker also have some great grooves to their riffs, worth learning. The Hellion/Electric Eye is a good one, as everyone's said. The main other ones I enjoy are One Shot at Glory, Diamonds and Rust and The Green Manalishi. Take your pick.

I'm not so hot on my Maiden, but I remember having a bit of fun with Sun & Steel, and from the more obvious selection, The Trooper's a good one.
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