I have about £250.00 £300.00 to buy my first guitar. I had a squire strat about 15yrs ago and never really studied properly. After a while I lost interest and sold it. It has been a dream of mine to start playing again but to put the hours in and learn to play properly this time. I have looked at brand new Ibanez RG models priceing from £180 to £275.00. But I keep coming back to the LTD ESP KH-202 for about £210.00 2ND hand but inreally good nick. It looks like the Korean model so its all black inc back of neck with EMG pups not the LTD pups on the Chinese model.
I found the Ibanez RG421QM-TRB and RG421-WK really good guitars as I have actually sat down with them. But I have not played the ESP KH202.
I will be playing stuff like Deftones, Pantera, Nirvana,Hendrix etc. So basically heavy crunch metal when I get good enough and have learnt the basics. I will get either an ORANGE Crush, FENDER mustang or BLACKSTAR practice combo amp to play through in my bedroom!! Im not looking to ever gig and this is all for my own enjoyment.
I want this guitar to last me and not have to buy another for a long, long time.
Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Any other suggestions would be greatly accepted.

peavey vypyr is normally the recommended modelling amp for high gain (I haven't tried it )

just be careful going used it you're not too used to guitars- it might not be what the seller says it is etc.

how much can you spend on the whole setup?
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For the amp, definitely check out the Peavey Vypyr VIP and the Fender Mustang. Make sure you get one bigger than the smallest model - they have very small 8" speakers and basically just sound cheap, like toys rather than real amps. Any of the bigger models (anything with a 12" speaker) will be proper.

As for the guitar, are you sure you're not talking about the KH-602? The 202 is the cheap Chinese one with the LTD pickups. That said, the LH-150 are the best stock pickups I've personally used, If anything I would recommend them out of those cheap choices. Much, much better than anything Ibanez uses on their cheap guitars.

That said, I have always found Ibanez to actually have better build quality and better QC in the lower price ranges than anyone else. Meaning, far less likely to find sharp or dead frets, less likely to have finish issues or neck issues on Ibanezes than any other company. YMMV though.

Keep in mind that electronics can always be upgraded, and quite easily too. Don't judge guitars too much off of their sound, but rather how they feel and how comfortable they are to play. If you've played the Ibanezes and you know you like playing them, that's by far the most important thing. If you want to get some quality pickups in there later when you have more money, that's always an option. Making a guitar feel better in regards to cuts and carves and neck profiles - not really something you can change.
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