It's kinda like prose or spoken word poetry I guess? Not a real meter to it so....

I've seen insanity. It's very real. That moment, that vital moment when the feeble binding of brain, body, and soul is broken. When all three are rendered helpless in their individuality, their lack of solidarity. When they run around screaming "MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!!!" And waving their hands in the air. When all one's previous life is played backwards in fast motion, sped up, all the way to their very first breath in the hospital room. It is then the realization that the next however many years have been slowly tearing at the binding. The friction of all these highs and low of life; happiness, giddiness, elation, glee, rejoicing and laughing, and crying, screaming, cursing, questioning, building up and tearing down, being gifted and robbed,have all taken their toll, slowly but surely. It is all this that happens in an instant. One small infinitely irrelevant nanosecond in the vast ocean of time and space. Hair strung out, arms extended, shrieking blasphemies, two wild hazel eyes staring back at me.
I've seen insanity. I'm a witness. But moreso, I've seen a reflection of myself in it. So which one of us is mad? The mirror or the man inside?
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