I bought an Epiphone Dot Studio and like the paint job but want to add some.

This is the guitar: http://c1.zzounds.com/media/fit,2018by3200/quality,85/rotate,45/P_DOTStudioWC_clipped-e096ee4ccdd2ce0b13ca9aa4a4f38d06.jpg

I want to add black paint dripping from the top to the bottom and a bettie page sticker. I would like this to last longer so I was wondering if I could just apply the sticker and paint and then add another clear, satin finish like what's already on the guitar.

Thanks in advance,
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you just need to very lightly rough up the surface or take the "gloss" of by using scotch brite pad or fine grit wet dry sand paper, don't press to hard because you don't want to take anything off. Then paint, sticker, clear