Hey, I am after a new set of humbuckers for my Epi SG. I play dirty rough rock like kyuss, early Queens of The Stone Age and that kind of stuff. I also have this guitar tuned to c standard.

Cheers guys
Bands in this vein of genres seem to use pickups that don't really have a lot of common. Some use high output, some low output/PAF, some use EMGs - Even the amps used can vary a lot. The most difference seems to be the playing style (as always) and how the amp is EQ'd.

Personally, I'd look for something with medium-high output, and a big looseish bass.

Like a DiMarzio Tone Zone or a Duncan Alternative 8 maybe. Something like that.
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Lace Matt Pike Dirty Heshers were made for those seeking to emulate his tone from Sleep and High On Fire.

RailHammer Chisels or Anvils will keep your low end tight.
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overall i like the crunch lab and tone zone quite a bit. active i like 85/60 EMG's, although i haven't played blackouts at all.

dimarzio has some form of guarantee that you can send your set back for an exchange of something else they have. that is nice. i don't know how you do it but i have known of people who have done the exchange without issue really.

there are a lot of companies out there. some swear by BKP, i just choose not to pay that much. i like the lace a lot in general. if you want to spend money there are a TON of possibilities