I've seen them, they're advertised as common Boss pedals with higher quality components.

The delay MIGHT benefit a bit from it, but I reckon the distortion pedals aren't gonna be affected that much from whatever components.

I'm much more interested in the blues cubes actually.
Though the fact that they aren't cubes sets me off a bit.
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Those amps look very Fender-y dont they?

The thing is, theyre selling these Waza pedals like theyre something new when really theyre not, theyre something old albeit tweaked a bit. Like those X series pedals they released earlier this year of the SD1 and the DS1. They need to do something NEW.

Still, the DM2 should please a lot of people, apart from those trying to sell their originals on eBay.
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I'm much more interested in the blues cubes actually.

Oooooh, the Blues Cube seems really interesting. Maybe it'll be another great solid state amp...
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There's loads of info on the BOSS pedals ****************WazaCraft.

I reckon the DM-2W looks exciting. The distortions could be good as well, will have to wait for a proper demo once they land.
they say the sd1 is "all-discrete". My concerns are either that it won't really be an sd1 any more, or that it will be the same circuit except discrete, but that that will add to the price for little if any benefit

the dm2 might be useful, though.
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