Halo Brothers,

I was planning to buy my 1st electronic guitar.

Since I’m a beginner player that are more into pop,rock, funk and country music.

Which guitar would you recommend to me on your product list ?

Some one suggested to me that I should buy a Fender American Standard Stratocaster with Fender Custom Shop Fat ’50s pickups… It has an alder body, 21 fret maple neck, three standard single coil pickups with 5 way switch, 1 volume and two tone controls, and a tremolo bar.

If anyone recommend me guitar model, can you also explain to me in technical way which feature of your recommended guitar plays good as well??

Thank you so much
First welcome to the hobby!

Second, for us to help you to the fullest of our ability, answer these questions:

Third, even without your answers to those questions, I can say this: as a beginner, I feel the most important thing about choosing an instrument is to find one that is comfortable to play.

Fourth, in regards to guitar in particular, I'd advise against starting off with any electric guitar with a whammy/tremolo bar. Not because they're a bad thing, but they're an extra thing to learn about, and can be a hassle for beginners in many levels. The guitar you were recommended is a good guitar, but it IS a tremolo-equipped guitar. You don't need that headache starting out.
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