Hello fellow guitarists,

I'm desperately looking for the chords to "Holly, Halej", "So Did I" and "Sister" by Joshua James. I don't think that they should be too hard to figure out but sadly I don't have that ear or skill to figure it out. So I was wondering if anyone here had the talent to decipher it and make my day.

Greetings and thanks in advance.
Hope this helps

(1) Download "Chordify" (it's free).

(2) Run Chordify.

(3) Open up a 2nd window & then load "You Tube" and find the song you want.

(4) Cut and paste the you tube link (URL address) into Chordify.

(5) Alternatively you can just give Chordify a link to an mp3 file.
Chordify is nowhere near accurate.... It misses chords, and even puts chords in that do not exist... It is ok for some chords but you will still have to work hard to get them right