Today i borrowed a marshal jmd50 with a marshall 4x12 16ohm. I tried playing it and discovered it had a very low volume. i put the volume on max and master on 7 and its a comfortable volume almost as low as from laptop speakers. While that may sound nice i want to be able to raise the volume to earbleeding levels, and i think it should be able to do that. I was just wondering if any of you know whats wrong or if its supposed to be like that? I don´t have very much knowledge about this amp so i might have missed a knob or something on the backside or something like that.

Facts that might help:
The amplifiers is connected via a speakercable via the outtake that says 1x16ohm speaker which is what I am using.
the owner has a switch pedal he usually has connected which i didnt borrow. If theres some presetting in that or something.
I have checked with different guitar and its the same with them.

thanks in advance!
// Slajsaren
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I'm not very familiar with this amp but in looking at the User Manual the only thing I can think of is that you:

a. need the footswitch
b. try messing with the channels and noise gate or turn all the effects off
c. need to check to make sure the tubes are seated down real well
d. need to try it with headphones and see if it is quiet there too
e. need to contact your friend
1. You're sure it's a speaker cable and not an instrument cable?

2. Make sure any ribbon cables are firmly seated and not crimped.
Do what 311 said, and if that doesn't work, new power tube migh just help you out
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