I'm Andrew, from Manhattan, NYC. Playing guitar since the eighth grade (now in the 49th grade?) Currently my main instrument is a Takamine jumbo 12-string acoustic-electric. I also own a DeArmond solid mahogony electric guitar, and an Ibanez 6-string. My dream guitars include the two Rickenbackers played by the Beatles, a Gibson L5, a "Lucille" ES-335, and the black Les Paul played by Dickey Betts with the Allman Brothers. My first electric back in junior high was a Kovette's guitar, then I graduated to the Gibson SG, which I had until the mid-90's. I also bought a GIbson L4 jazz guitar in the late 80's, but never felt quite "worthy" of it and ultimately sold it in 1994 for about half of what I paid for it.

I jam and play out whenver possible, and belong to a couple of New York City-area Meetup groups. The NYC group has some fun guitar picnics in Central Park and the Bergen County group has some great acoustic song sessions in Northern New Jersey.
Welcome coach! Delighted to have you aboard, and really glad to see a fellow New Yorker (although I'm in that "other" part of the state that city-dwellers often forget about. )
I am a StarGeezer: some call me..."Tim."*

* - Heartfelt apologies to Monty Python for blatant plagiarism. Those responsible have been sacked.

Epiphone G-400 "Goth"
Peavey Vypyr 75 Amp