Hey guys!
I have the weirdest guitar on this planet, it's a strat copy, Rockson (???) model, couldn't even acquire any info about rockson and its guitars
It was worth 150-200 $ dunno exactly
I'm very low on budget so buying a new guitar is definitely not an option. I'm not an expert in playing or guitar building,but I've got 2 humbuckers on it, don't like them, so I want to buy new pick-guard and possibly a new bridge and tuners too
I just want to ask, is it worth doing that? I don't even know what wood type it has, if it's made of some board plank, I don't think that changing pick-ups and stuff will make much difference
your help will be much appreciated
P.S sorry for my English :P
Standard non-floating tremolo, which I use frequently, not dive-bombing and stuff but gilmourish tiny vibratos and etc.
If you want to upgrade sound and feel then pickgaurd is not something you want to spend your money on. If you notice it going out of tune a lot then tuners would be a good option. What you want to do is indentify what you dislike about it(sound amd feel) and replace that.
well tuning isn't really a big deal, I used some graphite on the nut and it worked like a charm
sustain is the main problem and annoying feedback-kinda noise when strings are idle
I've now modded six (that I can remember) inexpensive guitars and liked the result in all of them. As Explorer... said, the biggest change is in the pickups, and I would just do that first and see how it goes. I personally might also include series/parallel/single switching for added versatility, which would involve an additional switch or switches, or push-pull pots.
if your in the USA www.guitarfetish.com has some nice, inexpensive pickups and hardware
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