I need a good hum-/noiseless acoustic electric for composing/recording.
I don't need very loud instrument, just want to make a full rich recordings in a room with effective budget.
I usually fingerpick, flatpick easily, finding some great tones and making pleasant melodies.

Having the opportunity to buy a used Epiphone PR-5E, I'm also thinking about adding a second pickup (I like the configuration of Epi EJ-200CE or EF-500RCCE with TWO outputs).

Is it worth to replace a regular eSonic with a Shadow SH Performer Double Play?
Is Performer DP on par with LR Baggs/Fishman/etc?

What else could you recommend?
May be a pure acoustic (other brands?) with a similar to PR5-E tone plus another pickup(s)/pre or a straight wired/passive pickup(s)?
May be the best way is a pickup/outside mic combo?

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