The warm glow from the horizon
revealed her horrified expression
wordless and breathless
she ran away from me
and into the burning city
this is quite nice. i am always jealous when people can write such nice poems with such few words. i never feel comfortable with such brevity.

it works really nicely here. the only thing i might suggest is some punctuation to help separate things a bit. the last couplet could stand on its own, i think.

overall, really nice. thanks for posting.
I feel like all of your poems have been hinting at though not quite executing what this poem has done. All of your poems are brief and fleeting glimpses, but this glimpse incorporated the perfect amount of context to envelope us in. I liked this a lot.

At the same time though, it is still just a glimpse. While everything you post on here is something I relate to, I secretly wish for you to put it all together and give me the full view.

But alas, a slight peek is better than nothing. Thank you for this.
here, My Dear, here it is
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