Using a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 3 for a band. My clean tone sounds AMAZING with the volume on 1-3. Which is more than enough for room jamming, but today I played with a hard hitting drummer and when I cranked my amp up to 5-7 it gets unpleasant. Is there something I can do to get that tone at higher volumes? I know if I mic'd my amp up at a gig it would sound fantastic (the tone at least) but for practice its kind of a bust... and I'm not gonna play a gig if I can show out at an audition. Is my amp worthy of gigging or playing with a drummer? Its a all tube 40w 112 amp. Should I look for something bigger in the future? Is there a pedal that could fix this problem? Could I get a larger speaker put in my amp? I don't know very much about amps :P

BTW my OD at high volumes sounds great.
A 40w 1x12 is a tad underendowed to stand toe to toe with a full band unmic'd. Sounds like your power tubes are distorting under the extra drive you need to reach that volume. Still there are some things you can do to open her up a bit.

The easiest and cheapest way to get more headroom (output without distorting) is a tube change. Yours could be on the way out anyway so you get the benefit of new tubes as well as the opportunity to pick a type that will further maximise headroom. JJ 6L6s are great for this and cheap too.

The other option is to look at investing in an extension cab. I'm pretty sure these amps accommodate that. Spreading the load across two speakers will give you a bigger sound for less juice, which means more control of your tone. We're not even talking higher volume necessarily - just the extra projection and coverage available with a second cab will make you much more audible than a single at the same levels.

As for gig-worthy .. it depends on the gig. Ironically, the bigger the show the more likely that you'll be mic'd and you can keep your levels way down - in fact it's usually preferred. I'd bet that there wouldn't be many gigs you couldn't get away with just fine if you had two cabs. No pedal's gonna help I'm afraid and a larger speaker will do just the opposite of what you're wanting. A different 12" speaker may help you cut through better but now we're talking changing your tone, and I'm guessing you don't want that. Hope that helps.
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