So I'm on the cusp of buying me a rack-mount preamp for bass, and as the title indicates, it's down to two Tech 21 preamps. Now I need to decide between the VT Bass Rack or the Sansamp RPM.

I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking about the RBI and the RPM, and the consensus seemed to be that the RPM has a better capacity to deliver good distorted tones, but then I saw this video of the VT Bass pedal:


I know it's a pedal and not the rack gizmo, but pretty much the same thing, right?

Since they're about the same price where I'm looking, I wouldn't mind a little help deciding, what do you guys think would be the better choice for a metal bass tone?

I could only really find one short video of the RPM from Sweetwater on Youtube, but that didn't really help me. What should I do?

You'd probably get more help in the Bass Guitar subforum.

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I'd personally have to opt for the VT bass, but I'm a little biased (it is a fantastic sounding unit, but both are). You can't go wrong with either - though the VT perhaps has a wider range of sounds.
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The VT series is designed to replicate the Ampeg SVT. They are good, but the RBI and the RPM are more versatile. I have the rackmount RPM (probably for no other reason than that Geddy Lee uses it and recommends it highly), and the thing is truly fantastic. Since it is not something that I am looking to turn off and on throughout a set, I prefer the rackmount version.

While more than a few metal bassists have used a distorted SVT, I think that the RBI or the RPM will serve you better; particularly for modern metal stuff.
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