DISCLAIMER: First off, set down your flamethrowers, I listen to and and try and play almost every genre of music outside of metalcore. Playing metalcore is not entirely by choice. Its kind of what the band I play in fell into. I try and make it sound like we're not just a bunch of 12 year olds who just discovered Killswitch Engage and Bullet for my Valentine. My town has like 5000 people in it, so you take what you can get musically when it comes to metal.


Anyways, I'm looking for a guitar more suited for modern metal, more specifically for playing metalcore/post-hardcore with a band. Band influences would be Killswitch Engage (bleh), Bullet For My Valentine (bleh), Avenged Sevenfold (gross), Metallica (meh), and Dillinger Escape Plan, Opeth, August Burns Red, and Underoath.

Personal influences would be Thrice, Alexisonfire, and Karnivool.

- Budget: ~$1000CAD
- New or used: Can go used, would like to play ahead of time. If buying used, would most likely be buying purely on pictures.
- Pickups: Humbuckers would be good. I'm indifferent about a middle single coil. 24 frets would be preferable; not a deal breaker.
- Tremolo: Preferably no trem. I love the setup on my PRS SE. It has a trem but I lost the bar and never use it, but it feels good to play
- Location: Closest cities would be Saskatoon, or Winnipeg Canada.
- Gear: In my sig.

I was looking at the LTD EC-1000, which is pretty much a staple for that kind of music, no? For the kinds of music listed, should I go passive or active? I definitely don't want to pigeon-hole myself into the "heavier" genres by getting actives.

Another option could be an Ibanez RG or S, would have to play them much more to decide on the RG or S, my concern is that the only "worthwhile" ones are the Prestiges, which have much better value used, but I don't know much about them.

Another option could be a Jackson Soloist, but these have never really caught my eye. Luke Hoskin of Protest the Hero played them for a bit, iirc.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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Check out a Schecter. They got tons of beautiful guitars that play and sound great for $1000 or less. If you like a thin neck, check out something in the Blackjack SLS line. Available with active or passive pickups, and the neck is thin and super smooth satin finish, not gloss, which can get sticky with sweat. I've never played a Schecter that didn't feel good. Jackson and Ibanez are also solid choices, but in my experience, their factory setups and fretwork are kinda hit and miss, especially with the <$1000 models. Nothing a quick setup from your local guitar tech won't fix, but still.
well, i own a EC1000T and i use it as my drop C / D standard tuning guitar...
i havnt played other "metal" guitars but this one, i would recommend.
built nice and comes stock with good hardware.
If you want new, Ibanez has a fixed bridge 6 prestige for right around $1000: rg652. There are a few models that can be found used that would easily fit your budget, namely the rga121.

With all those bands listed, you'll probably want to stick to a fixed bridge guitar. That many tunings would be a royal pain in the ass with a floyd.
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Wow, people apologizing about playing metalcore. I can't believe what I just read. Man, there is hardly anything more childish than a TROO Metvller...
Quote by VeilSide
well, i own a EC1000T and i use it as my drop C / D standard tuning guitar...
i havnt played other "metal" guitars but this one, i would recommend.
built nice and comes stock with good hardware.

I second the EC-1000, I also have one I keep in D or Drop C tuning. Fantastic guitar and my go-to axe for metal.
Like another guy said, definitely check out Schecter. They're some of the best guitars when it comes to metalcore, and they're not terribly expensive either. Basically, any Schecter with EMGs 81 and 85 is good to go for metalcore.
Ibanez? Mehhh, they have some really great guitars and some real flops. Too diverse of a brand, so I can't really say "Yeah that's a good brand for metalcore," unlike Schecter. It'll have to come down to individual guitars as well as your personal preference and what sounds good to you. Also, this might just be my bias talking, but I always felt like Ibanez material is a bit cheap. Some Ibanez fan is probably going to shoot me down for saying that, but that's just my opinion.

Anywho, the main things you should look for when buy a guitar for metalcore are:
1. pickups (usually, actives are the best choice for most people_
2. fixed bridge. Trem on a guitar for metalcore can be a royal pain in the a55.. I found that out the hard way.
I also recommend looking into Schecters. Some of their models (like my Blackjack ATX V) come with SD Blackouts instead of the usual EMG 81/85 combo. While the Blackouts are still active, fire-breathing metal pickups, they sound a little warmer and more "passive-like" to me; a little more versatile than 81s/85.

I don't play metalcore but I can get that tone all day long with my setup if I want. I see that you have a Mark V -- those are killer amps -- but not usually used for metalcore. Have you thought about getting a 6505 head rather than a new guitar? That might get you closer to that tone than a new guitar will. With your budget, you could easily get a used one and still keep your Mark V.
I had a similar request for the forum here a couple of weeks ago. I thought I wanted an Ibanez, but I found a really nice Schecter at a good price and I am very happy. Keep in mind I've only had it for a little while, but the quality is good, active EMG pickups sound awesome and the overall sound is just what I was looking for. Tuned in D standard ATM, but I move to Drop C frequently.
Fernandes is STILL clearing these out:


I don't know if their direct sales site ships to Canada, but even if you can't snag that deal because they don't, the actual retail price for one of these should be within your budget.

And in case you decide you don't want actives, the next model down is equipped with passives.

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Quote by AWACS

Anyways, I'm looking for a guitar more suited for modern metal, more specifically for playing metalcore/post-hardcore with a band. .

Would probably help if you could define "more suited."

In what way is your PRS SE *not* suited/lacking for modern metalcore/post-hardcore, and what would you consider must-haves on a guitar perfectly suited (price immaterial)?

The only spec you've listed is a pair of humbuckers, already on your SE, right?

It's generally useless to list bands or players; the recording process can change so much.