What is the setting I should use to play Hells Bells?

I've got:

Guitar: Ibanez GRG 270B
Amp: Stinger STP50GSC


Thank you everybody
Quote by LivinJoke84
Gibson SG into Marshall JTM45 should get you there

Meh...most of AC/DC's signature sound on that album (and about 13 others) isn't from the SG, but from Malcolm's beaten-to-hell Gretsch that now carries a single pickup and 12's. The opening riff is all Malcolm. No pedals.

You can tell when Angus comes in; there's more distortion on his guitar (it's an SG with 9's and a thin neck). He does the lead work, of course, and he's very much the upfront guitar player for the band, but the core of AC/DC's sound is NOT, as most suppose, due to the SG, but to Malcolm and "the Beast."

There are a lot of bands whose core sound doesn't come from the "front" guitar player. The Who, for example, owe about 80% of their signature sound to Entwhistle, who played bass almost as if it were a lead instrument, and to Moon, whose drumming enthusiasm and limitations (Pete's often commented about it) made the band...NOT to Pete's guitar playing or Daltry's singing. Early Santana's signature sound comes from Greg Rollie's B3 and from the amazing percussion, not from anything Carlos did. That's so true that when the same Greg Rollie and percussion section broke away from Carlos and formed Abraxas Pool with Neal Schon, most critics said it sounded more like Santana than whatever Carlos put together to back himself.
High mids and treble, bass around 3-5, gain around 4-5. Add and reduce as necessary. Don't expect exact matches, especially if that isn't a tube amp.
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