Hello Folks,

Recently I bought a guitar from the dutch equivalent of craigslist.
I was looking for a (cheapish) thinline tele to mod and this one was
for sale for about 100 euros.
It looks and plays really nice IMO apart from some small defects.
However I couldn't find anything on the internet about this particular brand and model.
I hope some of you guys could give me more information about the guitar. (wood, country of origin etc..)
Googling the brand gave me more hits about the bank than the guitar brand lol.


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Thanks in advance,

EDIT: SHOOT! Forgot to include the pictures
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It looks nice enough, if it sounds good I'd say its a keeper. Good job OP.
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The most I can find on them, is they are manufactured in Korean and/or China and imported into the Austria, Germany area. I assume they are your typical ghost built rebranded import. Yours appears to be a Mahogany back with Flamed maple Veneer or possible photo flame.
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