I have Les paul copy that needs a re panting on the back of the guitar only the neck is wood and the body on the back of the guitar is a plastic , it was originally black satin so I am going to keep with the same colour , Will these spray paints work? - halfords satin Black spray and to finish Halfords satin Lacquer.
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The Halfords paints aren't amazing, but they'll certainly do the job. The nozzles on the cans aren't great though. They like to get clogged up and start spitting.
I am only painting the back side of the guitar and I have sanded down to the wood on the neck only because they was a few dints in the wood , I have just gone over the back body of the guitar with sand paper and just scuffed it up, It still has the original paint on it which black and I am re spraying it black would this be ok or should I take all the paint off?