Typing as I listen.

Your tone is incredible, makes this hard to not want to listen to. THe little licks at around 40 seconds sound very good. The lead part sounds pretty good, reminds me of Slash/Satriani. Very flashy and difficult stuff, each run sounds beautiful man and it blends well with the acoustic/clean rhythm.

Look foreward to hearing more from you. Please check out my song
this is freakin insane! You're a great player and wrote a damn good jam. My only complaint while listening to this is that the lead guitars lower end "chug" frequency range are coming out too much if that makes any sense, in other words when you're playing the lower strings it sounds too "woofy" sometimes. That aside though, awesome.
Love the sound. Only bad thing I can say is that you could record the guitars are bit tighter. The repeating noodling thing you do could have improvement as well. This is just my opinion though.
I instanly thought of playing super mario 64 when I heard this haha. Overall - really good!

Check out my song if you don't mind

The tonality of the acoustic and lead guitar are perfect! My days I am gunna have to up my game lol.

Bends are excellent in the lead phrases.

Gunna echo the guy above me in saying about the repeated noodling thing could be a little be tighter.

This reminds of tubular bells lol.

Fantastic song however! If you have time, have a wee gander at my song, and laugh at me like the peon I am

Thanks everyone. Ill be giving a listen to your tracks now. Just wanted to thank you all. This was just s quick first take recording, it needs much work but your input will help shape it i hope before i record it for release.

Thanks again i appreciate it.